• A patented continuous background screening solution that monitors individuals and automatically alerts you when relevant risks emerge
  • Continuously monitors multiple data sources and alerts you when an individual may no longer be eligible for a granted privilege or benefit
  • Identifies changes in an individual’s background that may increase their risk to your organization
  • At the forefront of Identity-based Risk screening for over a decade working with complex security conscious organizations within the U.S National Security Communities


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IDentrix is Purpose-Built

IDentrix provides continuous monitoring driven risk alerts for key economic sectors:

Helps adhere to the multitude of regulations and compliance issues in the healthcare industry, including criminal records, licenses and sanctions monitoring.

Helps ensure compliance with driving records and criminal history monitoring to help minimize organizational liability and enhance public safety.

Helps reduce the risk of unreported criminal activity and bankruptcies, insider fraud & IP theft, and reduces reputation risk in-between periodic re-screens.

Helps continuously monitor the individuals who have access to assets and facilities within an organization that are critical to national security and public safety.

How It Works

IDentrix is a cloud-based platform that you log into through a secure web interface. Once your identities are on-boarded (approximately 30 minutes) and your customized alert requirements are configured through an easy to use admin interface, you will receive risk alerts – daily, monthly or periodically. Our proven technology works by running an organization’s identity population against comprehensive and external data sources, including criminal, assets, professional licenses and sanctions. When a potentially relevant change occurs in the background of a monitored identity, the system generates an alert so the organization can promptly enlist its background check vendor to verify – or if the organization is a background check vendor, itself verify – the information in accordance with applicable legal requirements.


An organization’s identities are enrolled through an easy and quick, web based on-boarding process that does not require any IT resources.


Administrative users can select risk criteria to monitor including criminality, court records, licenses & permits, sanctions and much more.


Identities are monitored to detect indicators that include wants & warrants, bookings & arrests, criminal history, sex offender registrations, bankruptcies, liens & judgments, lawsuits, professional licenses, driver’s licenses, healthcare licenses, and concealed weapons permits.


Alerts are triaged and vetted prior to being released.

Receive Risk Alerts

Alert notifications are delivered to your organization’s private and secure portal daily, monthly, or periodically according to your organization’s needs.


Detailed reporting including population being monitored, alerts by entity, and alert types received over time and much more.


Individuals may pass “one and done” checks when they are initially screened, but factors, such as stressful life events, or criminal activities can cause a previously cleared individual to become a sudden risk to an organization.

Most individuals won’t self-report activities that put their jobs at risk, so organizations need systems to identify and  detect such risks after an initial screen. The solution is continuous monitoring.

  • Continuous Monitoring – automates the analysis of multiple sources of information to detect identity profile changes
  • Alerting – provides automated notifications of potential changes in a person’s background or behavior
  • Verification Audit Trail – digitally links verification data sources to identity events to help background check vendor confirm the alert before reporting it
  • Risk Analytics – creates situational awareness through advanced data visualization of identities and related risks
  • Intellectual Property Protection – protects an organization’s intellectual property and assets
  • Fraud – reduces fraud, directors and officer risks and negligence lawsuits
  • Brand Reputation – protects the integrity of an organization’s brand
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Startling Key Facts

About the Industries IDentrix Serves

Global Fraud Cost

Cost Per Negligent Retention Lawsuit

Average Cost Per Incident for Workplace Deaths

Lost Annually Due to Espionage and Identity Theft


While no longer part of InfoZen, IDentrix was developed based on its deep history of
Security Threat Assessment Solutions


Find out more about IDentrix by reading below!

What is IDentrix?

IDentrix is a cloud-based application that alerts you to critical changes in an individual’s background when they occur so an organization doesn’t have to wait until the individual self-reports the issue or until the next randomly selected screen.

Can I see a demo of IDentrix?

Yes! We offer a free live 30 minute demo, during which time you’ll be able to see the unique features and data coverage offered as part of the solution. To sign-up for a demo, click here and one of our data specialists will be in touch with you shortly to schedule a time.

Is This Legal?

While we are not lawyers and cannot provide legal advice, we believe that IDentrix is not a consumer reporting agency, and this service does not constitute a “consumer report” as such term is defined in the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), 15 U.S.C.A. sec 1681 et seq. The report constitutes an alert to a possible change in an individual’s risk profile so that you can decide whether to investigate further, and if so, to focus that investigation. However, the data provided to you in alerts may not be used as a factor in establishing a consumer’s eligibility for credit, insurance, employment, or for any other purpose authorized under the FCRA.  Please contact your own legal counsel for legal advice.

What Data Sources Does IDentrix Pull From?

IDentrix pulls data from a comprehensive list of data sources. We will be happy to show you our coverage map during a short online demo.

How Much Does This Cost?

IDentrix charges a very small monthly subscription fee per individual monitored with volume discounts. Please contact us for a quote.

What Skills and Technology Do I Need to Use IDentrix?

You do not need any technical expertise to use IDentrix – it is a cloud-based system that can be accessed through any web browser. We have designed IDentrix to be easy to use and there is nothing to install.

What Are the Next Steps Once I Sign the Agreement?

We will hold a kick-off call and you will receive a QuickStart guide that shows you how to use the product. We will hold a kick-off call, onboard your identity population, configure your risk alerts and  you will be ready to go!

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